Baking Bread Recipe | No-Knead Sourdough Loaf

No-Knead Sourdough Loaf

150 g sourdough starter (see body of post)
300 ml water
500 g strong white bread flour (preferably organic)
plus extra flour to sprinkle and replenish the starter
1½ tsp salt
metric - US cups

  • Place the sourdough starter in a large mixing bowl. (Remember to replenish the starter after you have made your dough, see below. ) Make up to 450g/1lb (2 cups) with water and add the bread flour and salt.
  • Mix to form a rough ball of slightly sticky dough. The dough does not require kneading just mixing until the flour and water is combined.
  • Leave in the bowl and loosely cover the bowl. Leave overnight or for about 8-10 hours depending on ambient temperature. The dough will have risen and increased in size.
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  • For Full Instruction:

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